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Thank you for visiting our DONATIONS Page!           

At PXVMTB we believe in getting MORE KIDS ON BIKES!
...which is why, we started a Non-Profit named:
"MORE KIDS ON BIKES"  501 (c) (3)  EIN 85-0752093

Our mission includes: securing funds to acquire bikes and safety equipment necessary for student-athletes who wish to join Phoenixville Inferno MTB. Mountain Biking, like many sports, can be expensive. Our goal is to help get more kids on bikes, by offering their families a mountain bike leasing opportunity. Provide helmets or other safety gear and mandatory bike essentials to our Student-athletes during the Mountain Bike Season as sanctioned by NICA and PICL rules and guidelines.
COSTS Associated with a NICA/PICL MTB Season (these costs are approximations)
Mountain Bikes: brand new introductory mountain bike can cost at least $750.00 - $850.00
*A lightly used mountain bike in good working order can cost a little less.

Helmet: A new helmet at least $55.00 as much as $200.00

Registration: for the PICL/NICA 2023 Season Fees $320.00 

Races: Races are optional.  There are 6 races per year.  Some are near  Fair Hill, MD some are farther away (Gettysburg, Johnstown, Blue Mountain, Pittsburgh, and Raytown!)

  Student-athletes and their families do have access to submit for Financial Aid Through NICA/PICL to help offset or cover the NICA/PICL Season Registration and the Individual or packaged Race Costs. 
NICA/PICL Races take place on a Saturday and a Sunday.

Families need to drive to the event location, where they can reserve a hotel room or camp out for overnight stays.    $$$$ Costs:  Gas, Tolls, Hotels, Food, etc. 

PXV MTB Team Registration Fees:
Our team dues are $125.00 per season and are asked to be paid by end of July.
Team dues are used to buy supplies and equipment for the team. Monies collected are used to purchase spare parts, safety equipment, first aid supplies, emergency supplies, extra jerseys, tools, and tubes, tires, etc etc for the kids bikes in a pinch and our fleet,. Funds also cover maintenance costs for fleet bikes/emergency loaners.

*PXV MTB offers Financial Relief and scholarships for our team dues. 

Hydration Packs: $60-$100.00

Team Race Jersey: $55.00ish (Mandatory if a student-athlete wishes to race)

Headlamps and Bike Lights: $40.00-$60.00 Lights to be used in the fall when the sun begins to set earlier and earlier.

Protective Eye Wear: approx. $25.00 - $75.00 


..... etc, etc. Spare Tubes, Tires, Multitools, Air Pumps/CO2 Cartridges, Patch Kits.
All in all, you can see this sport becomes costly.
           Here's what we're doing to help get More Kids On Bikes:

PXV MTB's mission is to grow a fleet of loaner mountain bikes to lease to families who may not have a bike already. Bikes would be leased for $75.00 a season, and returned by the last day of practice. 
Costs Associated with a Fleet: Acquisition, Maintenance, Tune-Ups, and Repairs. (While we do ask that families cover the cost of any bikes damaged while in possession of the student-athletes, we are aware that some families may not be able to cover those costs. Thereby, the expense falling back onto the team).

-The team will also purchase extra Club Style Mountain Bike Race Jerseys. These will be available to be borrowed at the race events by the  Student-Athletes who choose to participate.
-We do accept lightly-used mountain bikes in Good condition. Mountain bikes must however fall within the NICA Rulebook Guidelines in order for us to accept them. We will have the donated bikes serviced and kept on hand for student-athletes once the season begins.
-A Helmet will be supplied to any student-athlete who does not have one of their own.
-The same applies for Protective Eyewear, Bike Lights for late Autumn riding, Hydration Packs are Mandatory: they carry water, nutrition, bike emergency kits, and first aid
- We welcome lightly used hydration packs- we are able and prepared to offer new mouthpieces and or bladders for new individual us.

If you would like to DONATE Equipment or Supplies, please contact Heather Weirich at
If you would like to make a Monetary Donation you may write a check to:

1637 Jones Ave.
Phoenixville PA 19460  
*Please do NOT write Checks to: "Phoenixville Inferno" 
Write in PXV MTB in MEMO of your check.

OR you can DONATE using our PAYPAL button at the top right corner of this page.
You will receive a Donation Letter acknowledging your Gift!

Interested in Volunteering as a coach? Contact



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