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               NICA/PICL and Inferno Season; What to Expect

Inferno Practices

Weekday Practices
Monday and Thursdays 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. (Valley Forge and alternating locations: Green Lane, French Creek, Evansburg, etc.)
Wednesday "Practice +"  6:00 - 7:00 p.m. Race Conditioning Practice (Locations vary: Valley Forge: Yellow Springs, 

Weekend Long Ride  9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Saturday or a Sunday Ride at:
Marsh Creek, Nockamixon, Green Lane, Brandywine,
White Clay, Trexler, Fair Hill, etc.
Weekend rides tend to be about 45 - 65 minute drive each way. 
Picnic After most times

*It is VERY important for student-athletes to attend weekday p
ractices so they can be ready to ride the weekend long ride. The more often you ride, the easier riding becomes.

 Inferno Team Dues- are $140.00 for the season by July 12th 2024
Dues goes towards team supplies, swag, nutrition and two tickets to the
End of the Season Team Dinner Party.

Equipement List at the bottom of the page.

*Inferno Team Scholarships available

PICL Racing
Pennsylvania Interscholastic Cycling League (PICL) is a "traveling" sport.
While our Inferno Team Practices remain "local",
Race Weekends occur across the state: Gettysburg,  Hershey,  Blue Mountain, Allentown, Fair Hill, MD and THE VERY BEST:  Raytown Adventure Weekend

Racing is optional* but we recommend everyone try at least one! Gettysburg is alays a great one to start.

Races are held on a Saturday or a Sunday.
Many people spend at least one over-night at the location.
**Pre-Riding and 
Team Dinners are part of the race weekend experience

The best part of race weekend, is hanging out together! It's TRUE.

Racing if fun, yes, but cheering on your fellow teammates is right up there as well!

NICA/PICL Registration Dues
Once you decide to join the team, we will send you an invitation to join NICA through PitZone after April 4th, 2024
-There is a NICA/PICL Registration Fee due at the time you register your
child for the League.
Costs for the season $250.00.
Add the 5-Race Package for another $85.00 *Recommended 

These registration fees are due upon signing up.

Or, if you don't want to pay for a race bundle, then pay ala cart closer to our race  event weekends at $45.00 pr race.  

-NICA Scholarships available for Registration Fees AND/or Race Fees.

 Click Here for more information.

Inferno Scholarships are also available. email for information.

Mandatory Equipment per NICA handbook
Deals and Discounts:

A Front-Suspension Mountain Bike in good working order.
(Bike Checks will be held at beginning of the season at our Meet n Greet
26" tire, 27.5" tire or a - 29" Tires at least 1.5" wide. See NICA RULE BOOK for all Details:
Click Here
Water Hydration Pack and or two bottle cages attached to bike.
Nutrition/Snack (Fuel)
Closed-Toe Shoes
Safety Glasses

2 Spare Tubes for your bike

Hand Pump or CO2 Cartridges and adapters. 
Personal Emergency Medical Supplies as needed (EPI-Pen, Insulin, Inhaler, etc.)

Extra Water Bottle Cage and Water Bottle

***Padded Bike Shorts <----- seriously- this is Highly Recommended!
Bug/Tick Repellent 
Additional Nutrition and Snacks (*Fuel)
Spare socks, and a jacket for colder weather.

***Bike Gloves Full or Half Finger*** H.R.!


Please consider visiting our TEAM SPONSORS. 
An Updated Team Roster will be provided to the bike shops.
Some discounts may apply.

Remember, once you are a REGISTERED through NICA Student-Athletes
are qualified to receive Special Discounts 
~Click this link for more information:

Leasing an Inferno Mountain Bike for the season- 
We know that the sport of mountain biking can be costly.
That's why we have developed a program that helps student-athletes gain access to bikes and equipment that may otherwise be out of reach:
-The Inferno MTB Team has a fleet of mountain bikes available to lease for the season.
-Families interested in the Bike Lease option should contact Team Director Heather Weirich at their earliest
*Bikes are limited-This is a f
irst-come, first-serve opportunity.
Student-Athletes will be fitted for their leased bike at the June 17th 2024 Meet and Greet 
$100.00 per season. ($200.00 deposit with  $100.00 Refunded upon the return of the bike at the end of the season)

Bikes should be returned, in the same condition as was originally leased, inspected by the coach, no later than the final practice of the season. (End of October).
-The Student-Athlete's family is responsible for the bike's transportation to and from practices and events. 
-Student-Athlete and their family will be responsible for taking care of the Inferno property: including repairs.

-IMPORTANT: Contracts will be signed by the parent or legal guardians of the student-athlete who choose to lease a Inferno bike and are financially responsible for the bike repairs, damages, lost and stolen bikes. 


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