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           PICL Race Weekends and Hotel Stays

Here is the race schedule. You do NOT have to stay in the same hotels or campgrounds listed below. This is just a starter list for those who may wish to stay near the PXV MTB team.

If you are planning on attending the races, it is HIGHLY

recommended that you book asap.

Gettysburg  Granite Hill Race  September 9th-11th Granite Hill Campground
*PXV MTB already has C-14, C-28, C29, C30 reserved as “Base Camp”.
To reserve a "primitive campsite" on Berger Hill, directly across from "Base Camp" in the group site, fill out this form.  Adults are $8.00 each, Children are $6.00. No electricity or running water, but you be camping right across from both. 

Suggest to reserve near those sites if staying at Granite Hill-

Team Dinner Friday at Night “Base Camp” Potluck & BYO

Team Dinner Saturday Night: Gillespie RV at Granite Campground, Low Country Boil


Johnstown   September 17th & 18th
Team Dinner Friday Night for early arrivers: TBD

Saturday Night Team Dinner TBD

  Pittsburgh Boyce Park   September 24th -25th 

Saturday Night Dinner.. TBD  Sunday 10:00 a.m. optional.


“Big Send” at Blue Mountain! :New!!!: September 30th, October 1st & 2nd

Camping on site (we believe) TBD!
Time and Cost effective to drive up daily?


Fair Hill Rally     October 15th - 16th.
We can drive to this one.
No Team Dinner- 
Team Snacks/Meals/Food Throughout Saturday and Sunday by SignUp. 


Raystown October 22nd  - 23rd 

Raystown Resort “Pine Cabins” “ Cul de sac” # 1, #2 and #3

for the Team Dinner on Friday Night. 

Saturday Night Dinner TBD or PICL Jam?

Folks stay across the Raystown Resort in different accommodations as well as staying at the Seven Stars Campground. 

This weekend is truly an event to attend!

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